Day 3: Whangarei to Hihi Beach

It was really hard to get this down to twenty five pictures. This is a good sampling of our journey between Whangarei to Hihi Beach. This was the first leg of our New Zealand Road Trip. We left fairly early in the morning after enjoying our previous day and first night on the road in Whangarei. Pointing our trusty mini-van northward we headed to Hihi Beach RV park.

On the way to Hihi Beach from Whangarei there were two stops on the itinerary and one that we decided on while on the road. The first planned stop was to the Taheke Waterfall Track. The Taheke Waterfall Track trail head is a short 10 minute drive east from Whangarei. It could be a day trip, but we hit it on the way out of town. The entire loop takes just over an hour, but the parking is quite a distance from the actual trail head so make sure you take everything you need when you leave the car.

After Completing the Taheke Waterfall Track we headed north toward Hihi Beach. The next planned stop was Wairakau Stream Track. The shortest route is just over 90 minutes, but we decided to take the scenic route that took us to Matapouri Beach. The longer route was at the suggestion of our host at Whangarei Falls Holiday Park. The detour was well worth the time and distance. The views while enjoying lunch at Matapouri Beach were amazing.

Views from our lunch stop at Matapouri Beach

From the Matapouri Beach it is just under two hours to the trail head for Wairakau Steam Trail. After finishing the trail we were a bit behind schedule because of our detour and we missed the sunset at Hihi Beach. The sunsets on Hihi beach are known to be amazing. I knew we had two more sunsets to see at Cape Reinga so I was not disappointed.

Photos from Day 3 in New Zealand:

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