Highlights: Seven Days in Northern New Zealand

I never knew New Zealand would be on my bucket list until I was able to go there.  In the seven days we spent in the country, every view was breathtaking.  On this trip we only explored the northern part of the north island.  With about 75% of the country left to explore I hope we can make it back someday soon.  The idea to go to New Zealand came purely out of a Cyber Monday Deal that showed up on cheapdfw.com, a travel blog that focuses on bookable deals out of the DFW area.

Favorite Photos

I wanted to get a few of my favorite photos out that could easily be shared to show the highlights of the trip.  I still have about 800+ photos, 9 hours of 360 degree video, and a handful of 360 degree photos to go through.   Click on any image below to show it in a larger and easy to use gallery.

I have completed a post detailing one of our hikes, and it includes 360 degree video and photos.  Enjoy!

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