Corpus Christi TX Sunrise – Padre Island 360 Degree Time Lapse

One of the first time-lapse videos that I was able to compile with my Garmin VIRB 360.  I am still trying to get things tweaked on capturing the shots I want.  As you can see work needs to be done on minimizing the effect between the lenses so it looks more homogeneous.

This video was taken of a July sunrise on the Packery Channel south break wall on Padre Island, Corpus Christi TX.  We arrived to the spot around six in the morning which was thirty minutes before sunrise.  We needed to arrive a little sooner to get total darkness before the sun starts to peak over the horizon.

You should be able to move around in the video and explore, or just let the video take you for a curated tour of the sunrise.

I hope you enjoy the video, I know I learned a lot for the next video.  If you would like more views from Corpus, be sure to check out the Corpus Christi Post of my father’s pictures.

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