The Tweed Family Website

The Tweed Family Website

Welcome to our website.  We hope to bring you pictures and information from our various trips that we found interesting.  Also, I hope to share some of the information I have learned while building the site in an effort to help those may be trying out their own website as a hobby.

Check out our section on travel:

  • Travel Pictures – Great high-resolution photos from our travels
  • Travel Tips – Tips and tricks from our travels
  • Travel Posts – Detailed recounts of our travels that will help you plan your trip or live vicariously through our trip

Since this has been a learning process for me, I decided to bring together some resources in our starting your own website section.  Hopefully it could be helpful for novices trying out web hosting as hobby, or even a quick reference for the more advanced user.

If you are interested in finding some healthy and plant based recipes be sure to check out our sister site

You can trust that any recommendations or resources contained in the site are solely our honest opinion. We have integrated Google Adsense, hopefully not in an intrusive manner.  The ads are pretty easy to spot and will hopefully help us offset some of the costs.

If you happen to find any information useful on our site, please feel free to share our site with friends, or add a link to your own site.  All of the pictures are my own, so if you would like the original high resolution version please let me know.  The internet is only as useful as the information that is shared on it.  If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us. Enjoy!

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